Luisa Vélez Henao

is a graphic designer
and art director 
based in Brooklyn

Happy Holidays

While reflecting on how to greet and thank our awesome community of clients, friends, and collaborators during the holiday season, we decided to invite them to join forces and help us spread some holiday joy. With the belief that “your words can make someone’s day a little brighter” we asked them to reshare the

holiday card, they received from us by sending it to patients at our long-time client, the care hospice Brookhaven. Their patients are in the final stages of life, and we thought they would cherish some heartwarming words from people not only in the US but around the world.
Design: Luisa Vélez Henao
Art Direction: Patrick Durgin-Bruce
Copy: Katherine Durgin-Bruce
Portfolio photos: Patrick Durgin-Bruce
Awards: Graphis Typography4 Silver Award 2018